So what about the Fees?

Clients understand that there are no `Free Lunches’ and `free' advice is more expensive than 'fee' advice. They choose to pay fees for trusted advice, because the value they get from this unbiased advice with no hidden fees and commissions is many times more than the fees they pay.

The financial planning and investment requirements are quite varied involving different level of complexities for different clients. Once the complimentary initial meeting/discussion is held and we have understood the brief about your Finances, Fixed Annual fees will be disclosed in advance depending upon the level of engagement. This may range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 50,000 for most cases.

The scope of services broadly include the following:

  •  Risk Profiling with Best in the class Global platform
  •  Data Gathering and analysis of cash flow, net worth, etc.
  • Assessment of current investments
  • Preparation of Goal based, Customised Financial Plan including changes in current investment
  • Complete hand-holding for all online transactions
  • Taxation Advice including Capital Gains
  •  Retirement Planning
  • Individual login for online status of investments on PC and Mobile
  •  Regular reviews of Goals and portfolio
  • Asset Allocation/Portfolio Rebalancing based on Reviews & Market

The client can get in touch for resolving any financial query anytime. We would also keep our clients informed on any important developments affecting their personal finances. The fees is not for an individual but at a family level. 


Why Pay?

Some may ask why should they pay for financial advice. After all, there is lot of free advice coming their way from various sources. But that free advice can be very costly. As has been rightly quoted time and again " Free Advice is usually worth exactly what you paid for it : Nothing". 

    "If a Service is Free, you are not the Consumer.

You are the Product  "

... Tim Cook, CEO Apple Inc.