Why clients choose DSC Financials


Only Advisers approved by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) under the Investor Advisor Regulation 2013 are authorized to provide fee-only holistic investment advice. DS Chawla is a MBA with NISM certifications of Investment Adviser (Level-1) and Investment Adviser (Level-2). He is a ‘Registered Investment Adviser’ (RIA) with the ‘Securities and Exchange Board of India’ (SEBI), one among the very few in India and only a handful in Chhattisgarh, licensed to provide holistic investment advice. It is only after stringent guidelines on education, certification and experience are met that SEBI grants this licence.


We are paid for the advice we give, and retained based on its value to you. Our advice is trusted, transparent, honest, and focused on what is best for you and not influenced by selling/commission of any financial product. The best solution for you can be identified only when all offerings in the market are compared in an unbiased manner. Yes, you pay a fee for our service, but clients choose to work with us because we save and benefit them much more than the fee.
One of the biggest benefit our Clients derive is by investment in Direct Plans of Mutual Funds as advice and recommend only Direct Plans. To get a perspective on the magnitude of Commission the Client’s end up paying to the Distributors/Banks/Agents/IFA refer to the details available in the article 'Direct Plans - A Boon' under the Articles Tab on the website. 


With the SEBI’s direction on fiduciary role towards Clients, we ensure at all times that the investment advice is provided is appropriate to the risk profile of the client and based on client’s investment objectives and financial situation.
Whenever an advice or recommendation is given to a client for purchase of a financial product, we shall have a reasonable basis for believing that such a recommendation will meet client’s investment objectives and risk reward profile of financial product is consistent with clients experience, knowledge, investment objectives and risk appetite.

Risk Profile
Risk profiling is the foundation of a business plan. Some people, by nature, want to play safe; they do not want to lose their sleep over the prospect of losing money. These people are risk averse. Others are aggressive, driven by prospect of making money rather than the risk of losing it. They are the risk takers. Risk profiling process is all about determining a person's willingness to take investment risk (Risk Tolerance), and financial capacity to bear risk and blending it together to match to an appropriate investment portfolio after taking into consideration the returns requirement based on financial goals. We conduct appropriate risk profiling tests to assess the client’s risk profile before preparing Financial Plan and providing investment advice. For Risk tolerance assessment, We deploy best-in-class software solution to assess your Risk Tolerance

Financial Data (Including Goals)
To effectively advise you on financial decisions, we need data relating to your income-expenses, assets-liabilities, insurance, current investments, financial goals/aspirations etc. One of the initial steps in the financial planning process is data collection. We use well designed standard formats to collect this data.

Comprehensive Financial Plan
We review and analyse the financial information furnished by you. Based on thorough review of data provided along with your risk profile and financial goals, we prepare your customized financial plan with illustrations and projections, including an analysis of your current financial situation and specific recommendations aimed at addressing your financial goals challenges. The plan also includes review of the existing investments and suggest changes, if there are any unproductive investments. Asset allocation is the key to success of any financial plan. The action plan portion of the financial plan comes with specific investment products and investment time schedules.

Plan implementation
The Client can choose to implement the financial plan on his/her own or seek hand-holding from us. We believe in providing best experience to our Clients by deploying state-of-the-art technology platforms. We provide 100% paperless service so that you are not required to fill up any physical forms. Further, we help you with all your investments and provide you facility to transact and view updated investment status of all your investments online, both through computer and mobile with your individual login and password.

Review and Monitoring
The Client can choose to implement the financial plan on his/her own or seek hand-holding from us. Periodic reviews & monitoring of the plan is essential to ensure that the investment plan is on track and to assess the midcourse changes required. We undertake regular quarterly reviews and changes are suggested depending on the situation.


We believe in building long lasting relationship with our
Clients based on trust and care.